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Horizontal Ascension?

Detail of original watercolor by Nancy Wait

Detail of original watercolor by Nancy Wait

It struck me as hilarious this morning when I looked at our banner – (see above)

Such a horizontal! But banners are meant to be horizontal, at least on the web. Still, it hardly suggests ‘ascension,’ does it!

Watercolor by Nancy Wait (1995)

Watercolor by Nancy Wait (1995)

Never mind. We know what we mean. And I think we also know how useless it is, seeking ascension without first being grounded in the here and now. The earthly plane. 3D reality and all that.

The cross like a plus sign ( + ) is nothing without its horizontal line, and neither are we!

The image to your left is the original watercolor (12×16) which as you see, suggests an upward movement as well as a movement within. But alas, this would not fit into the horizontal space for a banner!

a+aNow the cover photo on our facebook page seems a good solution, as it incorporates forms from nature that suggest both the vertical and horizontal planes, as well as the arc of light connecting them!

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