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Where would ‘ascension’ be without alignment?

Alignment goes hand in hand with Art and Ascension.

Through my experience in art I’ve come to believe that ~

(1) drawing from my imagination, illustrating my inner world, provided a direct track in the way that nothing else could—to the truth of my being.

And (2) that to draw the outer world, people, nature, objects, whatever caught my eye in the physical world around me, was not only to enter into its energy field, but to ‘pick it up,’ feel it, down to the swirl of its molecules. So that I wouldn’t only be an inhabitant of the planet, I would inhabit its being. And this beingness, both Its beingness and my own, would be one and the same.

51nxklisdol-_sx326_bo1204203200_I published, “The Nancy Who Drew, the memoir that solved a mystery,” as part one of the story, available on Amazon






Painted PathA shorter version, “The Painted Path,” can be found in the ebook, “Art and Alignment,” published by Rainbow Light Trust.

It is available at Smashwords

“Art and Alignment explores art and creativity in relation to healing and the Journey of the Soul. It looks at the importance of strengthening our connection to our higher self and engaging with our imagination. It reveals how creative activity, when aligned with higher awareness, can bring the messages of the soul into physical expression and become a powerful force for healing and transformation.”