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Gobble the World


To not only live in the world, but to draw it too—is to draw the world closer to you.

This is something I know from personal experience. When I drew as a child it was the most natural thing in the world and I gave it little thought. Then as I grew older I gave it up, not coming back to drawing until I was in my late twenties. It was different then, being an adult with an awareness of what she was doing. I saw light and shadow for the first time. I saw form. I saw the variation of colors, and how they changed in the light. I witnessed the result of deep looking. I saw the world around me become a feast. I was in awe. I wanted to gobble everything up at once. But in truth, I was capable of only nibbling at the borders.

In the early stages I used to ask myself, was my work any good? Will people want to buy it? And then one day I became more interested in how I saw the world, rather than in what others might think. It became more important for me to draw and paint for myself. This was the beginning of freedom. The realization that I had a perception that was completely my own, as personal as my fingerprint. I had the tools and the practice to make it visible. What mattered most wasn’t the forms that were “out there,” but the way I perceived the forms.

My eye opens. My eye looks out at the world. My eye “sees.” But what does it see? My eye can only see what my brain knows is there. No more, no less. For there is something called a spectrum of visible light and color, and the human eye is only capable of seeing a small portion of this spectrum at any one time.


But when the heart enters in, when the visual world becomes a feeling world, something more happens. Now you are sensing with more than your five senses.

And when you feel more, you see more. For you are seeing with your inner eye. Seeing the inside of form. Feeling the world inside of you.

This only happened to me because I took up drawing again. And when I took up drawing, the world became a feast for the eye. I nibbled at its edges. But gradually, ever so slowly, I gobbled up the world. And then one day I found ‘the world’ had been inside me all along.

Nancy Wait