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Art is for Imagining

A R T. Three letters. Also a number three vibration.

(In Numerology A is a 1, R is a 9, T is a 2. 1+9+2=3.)

Three letters, a three vibration, a three-sided triangle.

Art is Life from another angle.

Idea, Perception, Vision. Execution, Realization. Then the Reaction of the viewer or listener, because that always ends up being part of it.

At no time in the history of humankind have there been so many artists of all sorts running about doing their thing. The difference is that materials are fairly easy to come by, (and any and all materials are acceptable!) the technology is there for promotion and sharing so no one has to feel they are working in a vacuum, and of course there is the “leisure time” for exploring one’s individuality, a privilege undreamed of for all but the wealthy until just recently.

And I say there is a reason for this recent flowering of imagination that goes beyond the need for self-realization. For as the energy and consciousness rises on the planet as a whole, we are becoming more aware that we create our reality. And we must become aware of this, for it is our Destiny as a species.

Take a look at this article that came to my inbox just yesterday from Inelia Benz, at titled: The 5th Dimension is not a location, it’s a Creation.

Here is an excerpt:

We create our own reality. This is something that has been taught for thousands of years, and kept a secret in Western society for as many years.  It is also the one biggest piece of information that the “powers that were” are trying to stop from reaching the sleeping masses. The reason that this knowledge is being kept secret is that when a person is asleep (spiritually unawakened), they can be lead to create someone else’s reality by the use of fear, persuasion, and created illusions of reality that are sold so hard, it’s hard to think they are not real.

But when we think about the 5th Dimension, or any other higher dimension, we often forget that the same applies.

In more subtle dimensions, core material is there as a more subtle physicality, but what happens there, what we experience, or even entering that less dense reality, is our own creation. In order to enter a more subtle and pliable dimension, we need the awareness and capacity to allow ourselves to be and create that less dense reality.  We do that by becoming less “dense” ourselves (no pun intended).

We create the 5th Dimension.

Yes, all physical reality is multidimensional and an illusion, but we create them to have an experience of singular individuality.  They exist in the same “location”, which is infinite. But at the same time, we choose to be aware of only a tiny little spectrum of that all encompassing “reality”.  That tiny spectrum dictates what we experience as “real”.

The difference between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are ones of empowerment, subtlety of solid matter, and capacity to do.

Therefore, what we experience in the subtler dimensions is what we choose to experience there. They don’t “exist” until we create and move our awareness into that space.

There are no dimensions in Oneness, because there is no singular construct of individuality with “other”, whether “other person” or “environment.

From a standpoint of Oneness, the difference between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions are infinitely small and insignificant.  But from our standpoint, and awareness, there could not be two more different experiences of physical existence.

And, the most important point, these are not dimensions we move into, but actively create moment by moment by our raising of our personal vibration, raising the vibration of the planet, and being fully aware of our intention and energy behind all our communications with other and self. It’s a personal process of creation.

How do we get to that point of conscious creation? 

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